Every Minute Counts

This year, the CCS is continuing its efforts, with the help of parents, to combat student tardiness in grades kindergarten through 12th. When examining student data, it is noted that some students are repeatedly missing large blocks of instructional time because of tardiness. Many of them are being checked in to school one hour late every day. We also have many who are being checked out by their parent/guardian early each day as well.

We need YOUR help because “Every Minute Counts! From start to finish, class time matters.” Being tardy not only impacts the student who is late, but it impacts others in the class. Research shows that every disruption causes a gap in learning for ALL students in the class and can make the difference between a student passing a subject or having to remediate. We not only want to give our children the academic skills they need to succeed in life, but we want to give them another important life skill: being on time.

Image of teacher in front of students in a classroom with caption of Every Minute Counts! From start to finish, class time matters on a washed-out white strip and the CCS logo